Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

About IAT

About IAT

Q. When was IAT founded?

A. December of 1984

Q. Where is IAT located?

A. The home office is located at: 123 7th Avenue South Franklin, TN 37064 IAT has an underwriting office located in Batesville, IN and a marketing office located in Dallas, TX.

Q. Why are directions given to 711 West Main Street, but your mailing address is 123 7th Avenue South.

A. Although the 123 building sits directly behind the 711 building and is less than 100 yds away, mail is delivered to the 123 building in the morning and delivered to the 711 building in the afternoon. We give directions to IAT using the 711 address as it is much easier to find.

Q. What are your hours of operation?

A. Monday – Thursday 8:00am to 5:00pm central. Friday 8:00am – 3:00pm central.

Q. What is an MGU?

A. MGU stands for Managing General Underwriter. We have been granted the authority to underwrite, collect premium, issue policies, and pay claims by the carriers IAT represents.

Q. What carriers does IAT represent and what are their ratings?

A. IAT represents Sirius America (AM Best Rated "A"), Gerber Life Insurance Company (AM Best Rated "A")

Q. What lines of business does IAT write?

A. IAT writes Employer Stop Loss as well as Medical Stop Loss Insurance for prisons and jails.



Q. How do I submit an RFP?

A. RFPs may be emailed to or faxed to 615.591.9771.

Q. What information is required in RFPs?

A. IAT needs the following:

  • Complete Census: Including year of birth, single/family status, gender, zip codes, COBRA and retiree information.
  • Benefit Plan Information: Current and proposed benefit plans.
  • Specific Deductible Information: Current and proposed deductible amounts as well as information on any lasered individuals currently on the plan.
  • Managed Care Information: Current and proposed networks.
  • Paid Claim and Enrollment Information: Month by month. Three years, if possible.
  • Shock Claims Information: Including dollar amount, diagnosis and prognosis.
  • Detailed Description of Business: SIC code, if possible.
  • Current Rates, Factors, and Funding Mechanism: If currently fully insured, please provide current and renewal rates.

Q. What is the minimum specific deductible IAT can offer?

A. The minimum deductible we offer is $10,000.

Q. What are the maximum coverages offered for specific and aggregate?

A. We can offer a $5,000,000 maximum on the specific and a $1,000,000 on the aggregate.

Q. What contract forms are available?

A. The following forms are available… Specific: 12/12, 15/12, 18/12, 24/12, 12/15, 12/18. Aggregate: 12/12, 15/12, 18/12, 24/12, 12/15, 12/18. On renewals, we will extend the incurred date to the original effective date with IAT (i.e. 48/12).

Q. What is your quote turn around time?

A. We quote our cases based on need-by dates, so please specify when you need to receive our proposal.

Q. Will IAT waive the active-at-work provision?

A. Yes. IAT will waive the active-at-work provision at no additional cost for all individuals upon receipt, review, and approval of the employer disclosure statement.

Q. Will IAT laser an individual on new business?

A. Upon review of large claims information and the disclosure statement, IAT may propose a laser, however other options will be made available if requested.

Q. Will IAT laser an individual on renewal business?

A. Upon review of large claims information and the disclosure statement, IAT may propose a laser

Q. Are aggregated specifics available?

A. Yes. As a general rule of thumb, IAT will be happy to provide an aggregated specific option if the quoted premium is greater than $100,000. Our aggregated specifics are a dollar for dollar swap with premium.

Q. Who is Helen?

A. Helen Philliou is an outside consultant IAT has worked with for years. Helen assists IAT with individual underwriting and setting laser amounts. She also works with our claims department, helping them with case management and the setting of reserves.



Q. Will you furnish specimen policies?

A. Because many policies are state specific, we do not publish them on the website. If you would like a specimen policy, please ask us for one. We will be more than happy to email you one.

Q. What is the process after a case has “sold”?

A. Once applications have been requested, an application package will be emailed to you. This package will contain a short list of items needed for contract issuance. New case requirements include: executed application, first months premium, Plan Document & any amendments, enrollment report, agent’s license & carrier appointment form, as well as any unaddressed quote qualifications. Contracts will be issued upon receipt and review of all items listed in the application package. Two copies of the contract are provided plus additional copies at your request.

Q. What is required to become an approved TPA with IAT?

A. We make this process as simple as possible. We need the following: proof of E&O coverage with a minimum of $1,000,000 coverage, proof of Fidelity Bond or Dishonesty coverage, TPA Questionnaire, and signed IAT TPA agreement. The TPA Questionnaire (we use the SIIA standardized TPA questionnaire) and the TPA Agreement (a simple agreement between IAT and the TPA) are available under Forms on the Administration page of our website.

Q. When is coverage bound?

A. Coverage is bound as of the proposed effective date, subject to the terms of our quote and prompt receipt of the outstanding items.

Q. How does an agent become appointed with IAT’s carriers?

A. IAT assists with the appointment process and pays any applicable fees. Appointment forms are available under Forms on the Administration page of our website.

Q. Why are Plan Documents reviewed prior to issuing the policy?

A. As an added service to our producers, TPAs, and policyholders, we review each and every Plan Document prior to issuing the policy.  We do this for several reasons; one of which is to confirm there are no gaps in coverage for the benefit plan.  If we do see a gap in coverage, we will immediately let you know and help determine the best solution.  Secondly, by reviewing Plan Documents up front, we are helping to expedite the claim process.

Q. When are commissions paid?

A. IAT pays commissions 3-4 times per month, rather than the industry standard of once per month. We do this so you don’t have to wait till the end of the month to receive your commission.

Q. Do you provide Schedule A information?

A. Schedule A information for 5500’s are provided quarterly after contract termination as well as upon request.

Q. Are electronic debits and credits available?

A. ACH premium remittance and commission payments are available. In addition, claim reimbursements may be made electronically.



Q. When does IAT require notification of a potential large claim?

A. When an individual is diagnosed with a trigger diagnosis (see attached Trigger Diagnosis List), reaches 50% of the specific deductible, is confined in-patient for 5+ days, and/or is placed in Case Management. Please refer to Claims Manual for more specific information.

Q. What claims reports does IAT require and when?

A. Monthly Paid Claims – by the 10th of each month for the month completed (e.g., June 10 for May paid claims); 50% Reports on monthly basis, as well as Large Case Management (LCM) reports. Please refer to Claims Manual for more specific information.

Q. What information is needed to pay a specific claim?

A. Please refer to Initial Specific Claim Reimbursement Request page in the Claims Manual found on the Claims page.

Q. What is the turn around time on specific claim payments? When are checks cut?

A. 7 to 10 business days is the normal turn around time; however, priority can be given on a case-by-case basis – please contact the Claims Department. Checks are cut on a daily basis.

Q. What information is needed to pay an aggregate claim? Is an audit required?

A. Please refer to Aggregate Claim Reimbursement Request section in the Claims Manual found on the Claims page. Typically an audit is only required on aggregate claims in excess of $25,000.00; $50,000 or greater requires an on-site audit.

Q. Does IAT provide Simultaneous Reimbursements? Are there any requirements?

A. Yes. The plan’s check(s) must be issued and the check data provided along with the specific reimbursement request. The simultaneous reimbursement request must exceed $500.00. The availability of simultaneous reimbursement in the final month of the contract is dependent on the definition of PAID in the stop-loss policy. Please refer to that definition for your specific request.