Service is what sets IAT apart from the competition. Not only does IAT utilize one of the industry’s best systems to help speed up the process of doing business, but our staff is without a doubt the best. Service is what drives our staff and no other department exemplifies this more than our Administration Department. Whether it is the simplest request or having applications issued within the hour, we will gladly take care of you. We know there are many other providers of stop loss out there and because of this, we strive to be the best.

Points of Interest

Points of Interest
  • Plan Document reviewed prior to contract issuance to expedite future claim adjudication.
  • Flexible on commissions and paid quickly.
  • 1099’s prepared at year end.
  • Schedule A information provided automatically.
  • Applications can be emailed or overnighted.
  • Assistance with carrier appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For frequently asked questions about the Administration department please visit the FAQ page by clicking the FAQ link in the main menu or click here.

Claims Forms

Administration Forms

Who To Contact

Who To Contact
You can receive assistance from any member of the Administrative staff at any time. To help expedite requests, specialities are:

  • Application Packets
  • Contract Issuance
  • Premium – Late Premium Correspondence
  • Schedule A’s / 5500 Information
  • Specimen Policy Copies
  • TPA Processing
  • ACH Set Up
  • Agent Appointment
  • Commission Remittance
  • Follow-up of all Outstanding Items
  • Plan Document and Amendments Processing
  • Premium - Remittance Questions

  • Reinsurance Reporting

IAT Main Phone: 615.790.6908